Atheism vs. Agnosticism

So I got into this weird argument with a friend yesterday...

Are atheists also agnostic? Because basically, you CAN'T know that God doesn't exist, so agnosticism seems a given.

It seemed a bit of a weird argument to me.

Gunnerkrigg Court

So after my post about MS Paint Adventures, I felt kinda guilty for leaving out the other webcomic that I read*: Gunnerkrigg Court. (Google it!) It's a bit more seriousface than MSPA, but that by no means indicates it's any less awesome.

Gunnerkrigg Court is an institution that harnesses the pinnacle of man's technology, while dabbing a bit in the realm of magic. (Though, don't let this scare you into thinking you need to be tech-savvy to understand it.) It hides itself from the entire world, despite its vast size, and manages to cloak itself as... a school.

So, don't be scared that the main character is a young girl who is just starting her education there! (And no, this is nothing like Harry Potter. :P)

*Okay, so I also sporadically read lots of Dinosaur comics

Vanilla liqueur

is fucking awesome. It's 70 proof, but it feels nice and soft. And ohman, you CANNOT beat the flavour.

This stuff is what I have.

(Notice how it's the OLD google image search? Yeah, I like that a lot better. It's one of the URL tags at the end of the URL that makes it the old one.)

MS Paint Adventures

Seriously, the best webcomic of all time.

It's currently running its fourth story (or "adventure"). The first two were kinda eh, but the third one (Problem Sleuth) was damn awesome. It was basically about a private detective who couldn't find a way to leave his office. Whereas this sounds like it's a cliché, it turns into this huge, complicated story involving... ohgod, too many people and things. It's awesome. It's like this silly story that the author let go WAY THE FUCK out of hand. How out of hand? The worst you can imagine, and then some. For reals.

But that's basically all of MSPA.

The current adventure, called Homestuck, is still going on, with regular (multiple pages per day, usually) updates. It's about four kids playing this game. A game that's summoned a whole bunch of huge freaking meteors to earth. The real earth. Not the game version of earth.


it's awesome.

New blog is GO

Making a blog to put forth day-to-day thoughts. Yo.

Like, today, I was thinking "I should start a blog to put forth my thoughts."

The "Yo" was a spur-of-the-moment thing.